Mercia Tang Soo Do
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Visit from Grandmaster
29th October saw Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe take Monday Nights lesson. It is always a great session not only do we learn new and improve existing forms and techniques but we also get some insight and background knowledge of the history behind the forms.

Master Jacqui Fisher
Master Jacqui Fischer has been a great help in providing fornightly support in learning the higher black belt forms
ITO/ATMA International Tournament, Coventry
The tournament on Saturday, 24th November is approaching fast and right now, we have 20 Associations represented! You can find all the details on the Facebook event page, 'ITO & ATMA International Tang Soo Do Championships 2018' - and you can also take a look at the Information page and the Rules page here on the website. Keep those entries coming in - and if you have any questions, please get in touch. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS NOVEMBER 16TH...NOT 9TH!!

Association ITO