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Martyn Hubbard

I began Tang Soo Do in 1998, at the age of 10, and have been practicing Tang Soo Do ever since, I recently achieved the goal of 4th dan master after 20 year of martial arts practice, I did this with the greatest honour or testing with my student as I feel you should be prepared to show them you are prepared to do, before you ask of them. I very much enjoy teaching my classes with and enjoy teaching hyungs.

Janet Mason


I joined Tang Soo Do in my thirties. I went along with two friends and joined John Bratchie's class in the community hall in Hawkes Mill Lane.

I found I really enjoyed Tang Soo Do and soon started to obtain my belts. Unfortunately my friends didn't carry on with the classes but I became more and more involved with the karate as the time went on.

Prior to taking my black belt I would travel to Huntington every other Sunday to train with Master Khan and Dawn Khan. On many occasions I had the honour to train with Grand Master Shin at Huntington, making many friends during this time.

I was also involved with demonstrations and taught Tang Soo Do at Exhall Grange School during which time I encouraged many students to join in competitions and also trained them to brown belt level.

I became interested in teaching Tang Soo Do to the blind and was involved With 'Learnington Dogs for the Blind" arranging demonstrations and was very proud to have Tang Soo Do put forward as a recognized sport for the blind.

I have been on the radio promoting Tang Soo Do for ladies. During the course of my early Tang Soo Do career ladies came and went but I was the only one to stay long term. I eventually attained my black belt status at age 40 and in those days this involved being 5 hours on the floor training and 20 minutes translating Korean into English. I was the first lady in my class to obtain black belt status therefore having to stand my ground fighting with the men.

I then started a Ladies Self Defence Class, again going on the radio to promote Self Defence for ladies.

I attained my 1st Dan status at John Bratchie's class and during this time I owe a great deal to Jim Bratchie who helped me immensely. I also met some lovely people along the way who are still friends today.

Circumstances dictated a break from my Tang Soo Do career but I took it up again several years ago with Martyn Hubbard, also taking my grandson to class until his work commitments prevented him carrying on.

I am now at 2nd Dan level which I attained with Martyn Hubbard.

Daniel Allden

I first started Tang Soo do over 10 years ago with my oldest son and soon after my other son and daughter also joined. Through out my Tang Soo do Journey I have taken part in many demonstrations and social events. There is always something different to learn and stay on top of. We have a good family atmosphear at the club with students of all ages.
Amy Hubbard

I Began Tang soo do in 2005 shorting after I started dating Master Hubbard, in that time we have formed a very close love of martial arts and it has carried us throughout our relationship good times and bad times. I particularly enjoy teach the little ninjas class which our daughter attends regularly.
Mick Curttin

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Charlie Allden

I started Tang Soo Do over ten years ago when i was about 6/7. my faviorute aspects of training is sparring and weaponry.

I also like to teach becuase i enjoy passing on the knowledge i have learnt over my years of training and being able to pass it onto the younger students because it allows them to expand their knowledge of martial arts and can help them improve their own training.
Anthony Wills

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Keira Patrick

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Meredith Arthur

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Samantha Stoney

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Lorraine Walsh

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