Mercia Tang Soo Do
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Mercia Tang Soo Do Classes
Instructor: Martyn Hubbard 3rd Dan

My Tang Soo Do journey began in 1998. I started training because I was preparing for secondary school and wanted to be able to build confidence in myself to make some new friends. I didn't really do any activities until I started the World Tang Soo Do. In 2002 I received my Black Belt 1st Dan.

I have become very involved with my club and the other instructors before I had my own club I would do a weekly newsletter, and many other things. In addition I have helped with teaching classes for a junior grades which helped my understanding when I came to open my own club in 2006.

For Future Students:
Always come to class with a open mind,  train and work hard, always try your best and never put yourself down. If you never ask the question you will never know!

Moat House Leisure Centre
Monday: 6pm-7pm (Little Ninjas class 3-5yrs)
    7pm - 8.30 pm (Main class)
Thursday: 6pm - 7.15pm (Beginners class)
    7.15pm-8.30pm (Advanced class)

Class Prices

  • First class is free £5 per class after.
  • Monthly payments available, please contact us for further information.
  • Sign up is £25 which includes one free uniform.
Little Ninjas Classes

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Online joining

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