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Five Codes of Tang Soo Do

The five codes of Tang Soo Do apply to all members and are meant to guide the Tang Soo Do Practitioner. All Members are required to memorize them and fully understand the meaning of the codes.

  • Loyalty to country
  • Obedience to parents
  • Honor friendship
  • No retreat in battle
  • In fighting, choose with sense and honor

Student Manual

This is the latest draft version of the Student Manual as of 22/09/19.


Gup Belt Hand Techniques Kicking Techniques Self Defence Form Weapons
10th White 1 – Soo do defence and punch to face
2 – Step 45, left hand punch, Soo do defence and punch to face
1 – Front Kick to Face
2 – Hop, Front kick
1 – Front Neck Grab Kee Cho Hyung IL Bu
Kee Cho Hyung E Bu
9th Yellow 3 – Outside to inside Block and Elbow
4 – Outside to inside Block, Elbow, Spin Elbow
3 – Push Front Kick
4 – Roundhouse Kick to Face
2– Wrist Grab Kee Cho Hyung Sam Bu  
8th Orange 5 – Same Hand Palm Deflect and Chop to the Neck
6 – Outside to Inside Palm Deflect and Punch to Ribs
5 – Duck, Kick, Sweep, Push and Punch
6 – Side Kick to Face
3 – Double Wrist Grab Pyung Ahn Cho Dan  
7th Orange Tag 7 – Open Hand Defence and Chop to Temple
8 – Inside to Outside Block, Grab and Elbow Strike
7 – Jump and Side Kick to Ribs
8 – Spin Back Kick to Head
4 – Neck Grab From Behind Pyung Ahn Ee Dan
6th Green 9 – Open hand block, Elbow Strike & Back Fist
10 –Block, Sweep and Take Down
9 – 360 Spin back Kick
10 – Jump Side Kick
5 – Double Wrist Grab from Behind Pyung Ahn Sam Dan Jang Bong Hyung IL Bu
5th Green Tag 11 – Open Handed Inside to Outside Block, Shoulder Grab, Knee Strike to Body
12 – Open Handed Inside to Outside Block, Head Grab, Knee Strike to Head
11 – Axe kick
12 – Deflect, Punch to Ribs, Axe Kick to Arm
6 – Bear Hug From Behind with Arms In Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
4th Brown 13 – Block Spin and Chop to neck
14 – Outside to Inside Block, Jump Behind , Grab shoulders, Take Down
13 –Jump Front Kick
14 – Jump Roundhouse kick
7 –Bear Hug From Back Arms Free Pyung Ahn Oh Dan Jang Bong Hyung Ee Bu
3rd Brown Tag 15 – Outside to Inside Block, Jump Behind , Grab Head/shoulder , Take Down
16 – Block, Elbow Strike to ribs
15 – Hook Kick
16 – Inside to Outside Block, Grab Wrist and Hook Kick to the head
8 – Hair Grab From Front Bassai So  
2nd Red 17 – Block, Elbow to Ribs and Kidney (elbow strike front and back)
18 – Block and Eye Strike
17 – Spin Hook Kick to Face
18 – Block Spin hook kick to solar plexus
9 – Head Lock Bassai Dae Jang Bong Hyung Sam Bu
1 - Against front knife attack
2 - Against down stabbing from front
3 - Against cross slash knife attack
4 - Against opposite side cross slash knife attack
5 - Against collar grab and knife to throat
1st Red Tag  19 – Block , Palm Strike to Chin and Take Down
20 –Block, elbow Strike to Ribs and Take Down
19 – Jump Front Kick off the Back Leg
20 – Jump Hook Kick off the Front Leg
10 – Double Lapel Grab N/A
Short Knife Form
  Ch Dan Bo 21 – Grab punch, pull and chop to neck
22 – Cross block, grab wrist and reverse punch to face
21 – Outside to inside kick, spinning axe kick
22 – Outside to inside kick, spinning hook kick
Naihanchi Cho Dan
  1st Dan       Sip Soo
Naihanchi EE Dan
Naihanchi Sam Dan
Short Knife Form
  2nd Dan       Jin Do
Sip Sae
Yuk Ro Cho Dan
Dan Gum Hyung
Sword Hyung
  3rd Dan       Ro Hai
Kong Sang Koon
Yuk Ro EE Dan
 Long Knife Hyung
Sword Hyung

Philosophy of the Belt System

Our Tang Soo Do Gup belt system in its progress from white to black represents the cycle of the seasons. Each color stands for a specific stage of achievement. In this way, we realize an essential concept of oriental philosophy, i.e., that which is born must grow, reach maturity, die and leave behind seeds of a new birth.

Belt Meaning
White Belt White represents a primitive stage of achievement. Thus, the seed as it lies dormant beneath the snows of winter.
Orange Belt Orange represents new growth which appears in spring. Our Tang Soo Do knowledge begins to reveal itself.
Green Belt Green represents the speedy development of youth as summer arrives.
Brown Belt Brown represents power, stability, weight and wisdom. This stabilizing stage, both mentally and physically, analogous to the plants, which curtail their growth and prepare to flower in late summer.
Red Belt Red represents blood, life energy, attention and control. The student’s power and techniques begin to bloom and ripen.
Dark Blue Belt Dark Blue represents maturity, respect, and honor. Our dark blue belt is given to the Cho Dan Bo (Black Belt candidate). He must now prepare mind and body for the final step needed to attain Black Belt.
Black Belt Black represents mastery, calmness, dignity, and sincerity. Black Belt is the final stage of one life cycle and the beginning of the next. Thus, we see that it is not only the end of one stage but, more importantly, the beginning of a path which leads up through the ranks of the higher Black Belt to true mastery.
Student Pages

If you are a student then please click your belt colour below to access your training resources.

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Orange Tag Belt
Green Belt
Green Tag Belt
Brown Belt
Brown Tag Belt
Red Belt
Red Tag Belt
Cho Dan Bo


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